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Contribution Statement

Human being is a thinking being and thinking ban is both unconstitutional and a crime against humanity. Every human is a potential thinker to certain extent, having birthright to freedom of thought, conscience and religion. Deprived of these rights, a human remains nothing more than a walking corpse. Confucius thereby says “human is a thinking being in nine ways” and René Descartes claims “Cogito, ergo sum.” The Cross-Cultural Thinkers is a bilingual (Chinese and English) and interdisciplinary journal committed to scholarship and philosophical reflections on issues or topics from a diversified cultural as well as academic perspectives. It is printed by AUS-China Civil Thinkers Press Ltd in both English and Chinese, being registered in Australia in 2019. The journal is legitimately authorized with ISSN:2652-4856(print)/2652-8061(online). The editorial principle is peer-reviewed and free from dogmatic academics and stereotyped ideologies, and it remains committed to creating open international platforms for new entrants with intellectual talents. It seeks to be ardent supporter for young people with freedom of thought and originality of personal integrity. The journal’s layout is basically consisted of:

1. forum for thought-provoking dialogues by leading free and originative thinkers(10000-15000 words);

2. monographs on crucial issues from different cultural or disciplinary insights(around 10000 words);

3. milestone thinkers(around 8000 words);

4. thematic essays(around 5000 words);

5. speculative prose and poems(around 2000 words);

6. the garden of thought for unorthodox statements( around 1000 words);

7. quotations and catchphrases of enduring inspiration(around 500words);

8. open platform: What I think(around 2000 words);

9. book reviews(around 1500 words);

10. response from audiences;

We much appreciate the submissions from academics as well as self-motivated civilians in either English or Chinese. Your submissions are encouraged to email us directly at kwhsxj2020@163.com. You are welcome to visit us at www.crossculturalthinkers.com.